About Us

FINANCE WORLD is a free Financial Information Website/Blog founded by Shotade Olulade Bernice, a Legal Practitioner and Global Finance Research Analyst with years of experience helping people understand the world of money as it operates today. 

This is achieved by simplifying some of the mundane concepts about money that the average individual, that seeks to amass wealth, doesn’t bother to learn. These concepts include Tax, Debt, Interest Rates, Negotiating, Investing, Banking, Savings, Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Insurance, Mortgage and Business Structuring.

The World Financial System is spinning at a very fast pace everyday, hence, If the saying money makes the world go round bears any truth to it, then there is no better time and no better place than FINANCE WORLD to teach you what the elite and their kids have known about money for generations!

Note that this website does not offer any financial services or charge visitors any fees. All information on this website should be applied at the viewers discretion and the website offers no warranties and bears no liabilities for the free choice of the reader to apply the information found on any part of the website.

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